4 Times It's Absolutely Fine to be Selfish In Your Relationship

4 Times It's Absolutely Fine to be Selfish In Your Relationship

Danie Altidor

Written by Relationship Coach Dani Spikes:

I recently did an interview with Dr. Eva Brown with Taboo Talk  on the 5 Times It's Absolutely Fine to be Selfish in Your Relationship and we had an AMAZING TIME! I wanted to share it with you as an opportunity to get closer to your partner while loving on yourself.

1. During Sex! Oh yes I said it, during sex. When I say being selfish in sex, it doesn't mean I get my orgasm and you don't get yours. Be selfish in sex, show your partner that you are enjoying it. Be selfish in the sense that you are just as concerned with pleasing yourself as you with pleasing your partner. 

2. During Self-Care! When it comes to taking care of yourself, treating yourself well, be unapologetic about that. You can't pour from an empty cup. Be sure to alot time aside for mediation, personal care, prayer, whatever it is that you need to do so that you feel whole, complete and fulfilled.

3. Showing Up UnApologetically As Yourself. Be selfish in BEING YOURSELF. A quick funny story, I am really a history buff and for while I kept that secret from my partner until he stumbled upon my Netflix playlist. It was a funny opportunity for him to learn something new about me! Him learning this about me made him feel more connected to me. It allowed us to share something together and we laughed about it. Show up as yourself in your relationship. Be who you are. Sometimes in our relationships we feel that we need to be someone that we are not to appease our partners and that's simply not true. 

4. When It's Time To Do the Work That It Takes to Make Your Relationship Last. Be selfish in your relationship when it's time to do the work! Create spaces that work for you and your partner to check in. Be selfish about date night. Be selfish about couples game night. Be selfish about surrounding yourself with successfully happy couples. 


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