We're Working on Loving Ourselves, All Summer '17 #MayMotivation

We're Working on Loving Ourselves, All Summer '17 #MayMotivation

Danie Altidor

written by Relationship Coach Dani Spikes:

For the month of May join me, Relationship Coach Dani Spikes, as she gives you monthly daily bursts of inspirational excerpts from her self-coaching workbook, "It's Time! 21 Days to the Best Relationship with Yourself." Everyday on her IG, @iamdanispikes, she will be sharing short clips from her workbook. This is an oppurtunity to actually see what it's like to work on yourself with someone, who is trained (no shade), to do so. Someone that will help you ask yourself those tough questions to finally dig deep and get the results you have been looking for. Are you excited? Do you have your workbook? Let's Get into it. 

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