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Women's History Month at BeLoved Box

During Women's History Month, we celebrate the past, present, and future of women's achievements. BeLoved Box is proud to honor the remarkable women who have paved the way for us today, from suffragettes to trailblazers in business, science, and the arts. We believe that every woman deserves to feel cherished and empowered, and we strive to provide products that inspire confidence, well-being, and inner beauty.

Isn't It Nice to Be Loved?

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Live Intentionally Starting With Love

The BeLoved Box Self-Care box is designed to truly be an exceptional emotional experience using scent from start to finish. Imagine a visit to a luxury spa, professional coach and retreat all in a beautiful keepsake box. Each box contains our self-care sized bestsellers and coaching questions designed to support each blend. Scented with carefully selected essential oils, these bath, body and shower products transform your space into a personal oasis of care and love.

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Mini Boxes Filled to the Brim With Love

The perfect introduction to intentional living each of our BeLoved Box Mini Boxes come with generous miniature sized versions of our Signature Body Creme, Foaming Sugar Scrub, 7 Mineral and Botanical Bath Tea, Mineral Face Mask and Triple Butter and Silk Soap. The smaller size doesn't mean we skipped the care, each box includes coaching questions.

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A Couples Box That Increases Intimacy

There are no distractions in the shower. That is why we created our couples box to help partners reveal their most vulnerable selves to each other. Whether you are exclusively dating or married for decades, every couple can choose which emotion they need to lean into most for an unforgetable date night or weekend.

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Faith. Hope. Joy. Peace. All the things we need at home the most. Our soy-based woodwick candles and room sprays are designed to help you set the intention of how you want your home to feel.

Our home fragrances are blended with pure, natural, essential oil blends, available in all our wellbeing ranges. Choose from our iconic natural candles or room sprays. Perfect for use in any room, these blends will deliver the perfect amount of intentional fragrance in minutes.

Home by BeLoved Box

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