Stress-Free Living: BeAssured and the Path to Inner Peace

Danie Spikes
In the pursuit of stress-free living, BeLoved Box BeAssured has become a trusted ally. The calming effects of this fragrance contribute significantly to my daily peace of mind

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BeLoved Box Large Orders

Danie Altidor

Hosting a conference? We can create special small BeLoved Boxes starting at $7 per box.

Would you like to create an experience like no other, where your guests will have your event in their mind? We can create a special BeLoved Box Curated Fragrance just for you. 

 Hosting a marriage or women's retreat? We have wholesale prices to meet all of your needs, from mini body butters and sugar scrubs to complete couple's boxes for each of your guests.

Have a boutique hotel that would like to give their guests a unique experience? We are currently partnered with several boutique style hotels and  offer competitive pricing to make your guests experience unique and one of a kind. 

Ready to get started? Email Us at and a customer service representative will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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