$45.00 CAD

Head Notes: Palo Santo, Basil

Heart Notes: Rosemary, Coffee Resin

Base Notes: Oud, Frakincense

Burn Time For 7.75 oz.: 60 hours

Burn Time For 22 oz.: 180 hours

Burn Time For 35 oz.: 250 hours

Faith Home by BeLoved Box luxury woodwick Soy Candle exudes an aura of refined elegance that harmoniously blends the enchanting scents of the natural world into a remarkable olfactory composition.

At first encounter, the head notes of Palo Santo and Basil greet you with their ethereal presence and invigorating qualities. The sacred Palo Santo whispers whispers of ancient of days, lending an air of transcendence to the fragrance, while the aromatic Basil adds a touch of herbal sophistication.

As the scent evolves, the heart notes unveil the transformative power of coffee resin, captivating the senses with its deep, rich aroma. Like a comforting embrace, the fragrance evokes the cozy moments spent lingering over a cup of freshly brewed coffee, invoking feelings of warmth and connection.

Finally, at the base of this opulent olfactory symphony, precious accords of oud and frankincense come together in perfect harmony. These resins interweave, creating an intricate tapestry of mysterious sensuality and spiritual serenity. As the crackling woodwick casts a warm glow, their timeless and alluring presence invites you to bask in a moment of tranquility and self-reflection.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Faith Home by BeLoved Box luxury woodwick Soy Candle is a lavish embodiment of sophistication and decadence. Its carefully selected blend of head, heart, and base notes creates an ambience that transcends boundaries, enveloping your surroundings in an unparalleled aura of opulence and serenity.