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The BeLoved Box is not a subscription box- it is a brand that focuses on connecting people with the best version of self-care and couple's care. Gently fragranced with plant based essential oils, our products can be used on the most sensitive of skin. #IncreasetheIntimacy

One of the simplest ways to connect with either your partner or yourself is through healthy touch. Through the BeLoved Box, we have created a brand that focuses on really honest products that are not only good but good for you. As a Relationship Coach, Dani Spikes is always searching for new and inventive ways to for people to connect with themselves or their partners. When she tried other massage oil candles and products on the market, it didn't work for her sensitive skin or her husband's eczema. So she embarked on a journey to create a product line that was intentional, safe for anyone to use and smelled amazing. Rooted in love, The BeLoved Box is designed to reconnect you to the best version of loving yourself and partner.


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